bespoke design solutions for interiors

Emotional Storytelling is talking in pictures!

360° decoro guides you to adding emotions and meaning to your interior design. We develop a bespoke interior design solution – and make sure that your interior meets the corporate identity and values of your brand.

Our services in a nutshell



We take care of your idea, from planning and designing to production and installation on site.

Onsite measurements and planning

The more precise the preparation, the better the result: We also take measurements to visualize your room.

Graphic and design

A good story presents itself through images. We have a number of options to visualize the story and create an artwork.


We can offer a variety of printable materials and solutions at our two production facilities in Hamburg and Linz, which enables us to react flexibly to your requirements.


Art in construction requires professional execution on the project site. We organise installation of our products via one of our experienced partners.

How to create an artwork?

Mood Boards

You don’t have an idea of the general design direction? No problem for us, we will collect ideas and directions surrounding the topic and get closer to the result.

Photo composition

For a better imagination of the room, we visualize your story through a couple of images.

3D Rendering

Professional 3D renderings enable the real imagination of the room in its proper measurements. In order to do so, we require a floor plan and measurements.

Photography and image editing

The personal surrounding offers a good base for wonderful stories. Our photographers capture moments via cameras and later on take care of image editing to match the artwork to the given design intent.

Scans and Repros

Natural surfaces like marble, grass, wood, moss are wonderful substrates for individual design, but are not always useful in the desired application. We enable scans and reproduction which come close to the real material.

File preparation

Once the design is finished, it has to be prepared for printing in size and settings. We make images ready for printing no matter of a provided image or a self-made art.

Colour management

Corporate identity and story telling are connected to the brand. We ensure the colour look and feel on the selected material meet the brand requirements. A sophisticated colour management software and various test samples guarantee this result.

Make your guests experience your story!

A limitless number of designs is waiting for you!

Take a cool at our own decor website and chose your desired image. In case you did not find what you were looking for contact our representatives in the different offices in Leonding, Munich, Hamburg, Dubai and Hong Kong.

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