bespoke design solutions for interiors


aesthetic. individual. practical.

We digitally print on a lot of surfaces for architecture and interior design and deliver a full service solution including lighting, furniture and construction items.

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New technologies and materials are brought to the market on a daily basis and surfaces become more sophisticated. Sound or smell absorbing features are only two examples of benefits.

We provide consulting service to our clients to guide them on the latest technologies and surfaces in different applications to find a proper solution on site.

Ninety Nine Hotel Heidelberg

Wall decoration

Your image on a large scale: from a brilliant image in a complete wall covering with or without lighting to high-res artworks you can fully customize your wall:

  • wallpaper
  • composite panels
  • glass
  • wood
  • fibre cement
  • tiles
  • light boxes
  • acoustic wallpaper
  • acoustic-, linen-, glass-, metal artworks
  • curtains
  • bed heads

ceiling decoration

Backlit ceiling elements or acoustic fabrics don’t only create a perfect design but also benefit from practical advantages.

  • sound absorbing ceiling sails
  • stretched fabric metal frames
  • light boxes
  • suspended composite panels
  • metal cassettes
  • wallpaper
  • wood
  • composite panels
  • acrylic panels

Floor decoration

Depending on the application and required resistance, digitally printed surfaces can be installed on the floor.

  • cork
  • carpet
  • vinyl cuts for shorterm usage
  • composite panels laminated with floor protection


Our elegant materials will show you the way across buildings. Take a look!

  • 3D letters from
    • acrylic
    • synthetic materials
    • composite panels
    • metal
  • 2D letters from vinyls
  • boards and signs from
    • composite panels
    • glass
    • acrylic
  • light signs

Window and facade decoration

Let’s open the window for lovely interior decoration or let’s take a look at the outside to discover the possibilities of art in constructions.

  • lamellar curtains
  • classic curtains
  • pleated fabrics
  • panel curtains
  • roller blinds
  • window films
  • facade glass
  • insulating glass
  • composite panels
  • aluminium
  • fibre cement
Stift Schlaegl 3

Light decoration

Printed lamps and light boxes create highlights from your art. Our general lighting systems are easy and simple to integrate into the light composition of the room.

  • lamps
  • stretched fabrics with LED light
  • indirect lighting
  • backlit glass systems
  • large format backlights of materials


Cushion fabrics, furniture items and many other small flat elements can be decorated with a digital print.

  • partitions
  • seating cubes
  • cushion fabrics
  • wooden doors and cupboards
  • top glasses
  • and many more.