The recently opened Mercure hotel in Sohar, Oman is not just a place to accomodate guests. It is far more than that – it is a world full of emotions and experiences.

The hotel tells a story to attract its guests, it is a story with a local touch, it is a story that provokes emotions, it is a story that teaches elements of the Omani culture and it is a story that enables the guests to explore the travels of Sinbad.

360 decoro did not just work closely with the interior designer (MMAC) and the art consultant (Capsule Arts) to develop the story but also provided proper material consultancy to the client (Action Hotels). In the end, the story has been implemented on a variety of materials including glass, wallpaper and canvas.

Sinbad’s travels are leading through the entrance, reception and all day dining restaurant. Non-woven wallpaper with a digital print of these graphics were the best solution to tell Sinbad’s adventures in a seamless and continous way. In addition, computer edited photographs of Omani people as digital prints on glass are decorating the public washrooms.
Further up to the guestroom floors, a modern Arabic Mashrabiya pattern on wallpaper has been installed – together with high-resolution photographs on canvas representing local Omani architecture and landscape.

Inside the rooms both wallpaper and canvas artworks reflect the local area of Sohar. The fort, the importance of boats and the port as well as Omani jewelry have been selected as artworks to be digitally printed on both materials.

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