Recently, the casino in the city centre of Austria’s historical city of Graz has undergone a glamourous refurbishment: The 450 sqm of walls and ceilings made from a digitally printed and replicated rusted effect on stainless steel panels are as shiny as the golden lamps, chandeliers, candles and bottles of champagne. Being a central element of gambling, different images of playing cards made from stretched fabrics can be found in the window niches. The cosy feeling inside the casino is caused by acrylic panels in metal frames that are backlit with colour- LED.
The new design also continues in the washrooms where special shaped light ceilings made again from stretched fabrics as well as decorated glass partitions create a luxurious feel.

With both professional project management as well as precise image work and high-quality production the story of glamour and luxury has been successfully implemented.

The most important solutions:
– dimax® metal: stainless steel panels printed with rusted effect
– dimax® fabric: printed Dynajet fabric incl. metal frame and LED lighting
– dimax® acrylic: acrylic panels incl. metal frame and LED lighting